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Dr. Leahu Dental Clinics Description

Dental Clinics Dr. Leahu represents the most extensive network in the Romanian dentistry industry, with presence in 13 cities in Romania. It has 169 dental practices and a fully digitized dental technique laboratory, extended over a total area of over 8,750 square meters and a team of over 650 employees, of which 200 doctors and five specialists in general anesthesia. The network of clinics provide integrated dental services and the achievement of treatment plans in a limited number of sessions. We have successfully performed over 2,500 cases with the “fixed teeth in 24 hours” technique, over 43,000 dental implants inserted and 52,000 crowns and dental veneers applied. The range of dental services covers any age category, from the first tooth.
Dental treatment in Bucharest, Romania

So many reasons to choose Romania as your dental treatment destination:

Leaders in the Romanian dental market
Team of specialists
We’ll pick you up immediately
Safe destination
Tradition and culture
Fresh, delicious food
Amazing landscapes

Dentistry Packages

– Dental treatments should take place in Bucharest in order to opt for those destinations –
Stoma duration: 7 – 10 days
Duration Tourism:
Prices – Starting from*: EUR 10,000
*depending on the complexity of the case
It is up to each of us to be respectable and enjoy the benefits provided by a fixed teeth. That is why the dental implant is the most effective solution, because we can regain our smile and the quality of life increases. But there are also situations when patients no longer have enough bone material and then they can still benefit from a dental implant? Well, yes! At Dental Clinics Dr. Leahu we treat even the most complex cases with the help of zygomatic implants.
Why zygomatic implants?
Because zygomatic implants are an alternative to classic dental implants, which offer to the patients with severe bone atrophy the opportunity to have a fixed work. These types of implants are more extended than conventional implants and are inserted into the jaw bones or cheekbone bones. The zygomatic bone is the bone that maintains the volume of the face. This bone can be a strategic reserve of the patient that allows the insertion of implants.
Here are a number of benefits of zygomatic implants:
  • Provide to patients, regardless of the degree of maxillary atrophy, the opportunity to have fixed dental work for life;
  • Fast method, the patient gets a fixed dental work immediately after the intervention;
  • In one session you benefit from fixed teeth without subsequent interventions, such as dental implant uncover surgery;
  • Resumption of social life in record time by reducing healing time;
  • Increased comfort, as the patients can benefit from fixed prosthesis, without the need for an additional surgical operation or bone addition;
  • Long-term warranty.
Are you from outside Romania? Well, we have very good news for you! You can organize your holiday for medical purposes, and Dental Clinics Dr. Leahu ar at your disposal with modern dental procedures that will give you a fixed teeth in a very short time and extra beautiful moments to spend with your loved ones.
Stoma duration: 7 – 10 days
Duration Tourism:
Prices – Starting from*: EUR 6,000
*depending on the complexity of the case
Have you thought about how it would be to be able to get a fixed teeth in a very short time? Well, at Dental Clinics Dr. Leahu nothing is impossible. For 11 years we have been giving back the smiles of patients who thought that in their case nothing could be done. Schedule your vacation in Romania now, and we take care to provide you with a fixed teeth in just 24 hours, with which you can eat and talk normally immediately after the intervention. The rest of the time you can enjoy the fairy-tale landscapes that the Romanian territory offers.
Why SKY fast & fixed dental implant system?
Because it represents, in fact, the total reconstruction of the dentition. Fast & Fixed dental implants are recommended for patients with teeth affected by periodontal disease, patients who have lost all their teeth and who want a fixed dental work, patients who have unrecoverable teeth and who can no longer support a fixed dental work and to persons who have dental prosthesis and want fixed teeth.
Here are a number of benefits of the Fast & Fixed dental implant system:
  • No. 1 in the fast&fixed technique – which ensures fixed teeth in 24 hours, with over 2500 cases solved;
  • Patients enjoy a fixed dentition within 24 hours, without pain, in complete safety;
  • Save time and money;
  • Complete treatment plan communicated from the first visit;
  • During the intervention you have 3 doctors and 2 nurses standing permanently next to you;
  • Your own protocol for fixed teeth in 24 hours made as a result of the cases treated in the last 11 years.
Stoma duration: 2 – 4 days
Duration Tourism:
Prices – Starting from*: EUR 600
*depending on the complexity of the case
Incomplete teeth can affect, over time, the health of the body and even social life. Do you want to smile without reservations? We are waiting for you in Romania, at Dental Clinics Dr. Leahu, where we perform dental implant treatments in a very short time and at a fair price.
What is a conventional implant?
Conventional implants are the standard dental implants that are used most often. The dental implant is an artificial root that is placed in the place of a lost tooth, more precisely in the mandibular or maxillary bone and integrates perfectly into the own bone structure. Among the benefits represented by a dental implant there are the protection of neighboring teeth, increased comfort so that you can eat and chew properly, but also a quick osseointegration and healing.
Here are a number of benefits of dental implants:
  • Protect your healthy teeth – it is a prosthetic solution that replaces only the missing tooth (without affecting the neighboring ones, as in the case of a dental bridge);
  • Comfort – with dental implants you say GOODBYE to mobile dentures with glue! Eat, talk and smile with confidence;
  • We have an implant osseointegration policy (if an implant inserted with us does not heal properly, we replace it free of charge).
Stoma duration: 14 days
Duration Tourism:
Prices – Starting from*: EUR 4,000
*depending on the complexity of the case
Today, everyone can enjoy healthy and beautiful teeth. A fixed prosthetic work successfully replaces natural teeth, feeling comfortable and looking natural. If you also feel the need for a change in life and you think it’s time to enjoy a perfect denture again, then we are waiting for you in Romania, at Dental Clinics Dr. Leahu, where we offer quick and lasting solutions for a fixed teeth. Here are the functional advantages, but also the aesthetic advantages of fixed prosthetic works. Long-term prosthetic work is a fixed dental prosthesis that is screwed onto dental implants, 6 months after surgery. Fixed prosthetic works replace the entire denture and restore both the process of mastication and speech, but also the aesthetics of the denture. They are closest to the natural dentition and the correct functionality of the dental-maxillary apparatus.
Benefits of long-term prosthetic work:
  • Obtaining a special aesthetic appearance, the fixed prosthetic work looks exactly like natural teeth;
  • Possibility to achieve normal mastication without pain;
  • Possibility of clear speech and regaining clear speech;
  • Regaining self-confidence;
  • Reduced time of execution of works.
Stoma duration: 2 – 7 days
Duration Tourism:
Prices – Starting from*: EUR 400
*depending on the complexity of the case
Wear with confidence a bright and as natural as possible smile, obtained through the attention, quality of materials and professionalism of the specialists from the Dental Clinics Dr. Leahu! We have prepared dental crowns for you, so that you can regain quickly, without pain or hidden costs, the confidence that your smile will be as admired as it used to be. Each treatment is personalized according to the dental impression of each individual patient and is painless.
What are dental crowns?
Dental crowns are prosthetic parts that are used on the teeth to restore function and provide extra strength to the tooth. In principle, they are recommended whenever we have a lack of dental substance generated by either a caries process or a dental abrasion or when the dentist needs to replace an indented space with a dental implant.
Here are a number of benefits of dental crowns:
  • They improve the physiognomy of the face, and the bite force will be distributed evenly, by replacing the missing teeth;
  • They are the optimal treatment in cases where the tooth is affected in a proportion of more than 50% or when it is fractured and can no longer be restored by composite materials;
  • They can also be used for dental bridges;
  • They are the only restoration option in case of bruxism and dental erosion;
  • Prevent the remaining teeth from migrating.
Stoma duration: 2 – 7 days
Duration Tourism:
Prices – Starting from*: EUR 400
*depending on the complexity of the case
Wear with confidence a bright, aesthetic and always white smile, obtained with the help of state-of-the-art dental veneer treatments, carried out in Dental Clinics Dr. Leahu! Out of care for your appearance and dental health, we use for veneers only materials that accurately reproduce the natural color of the tooth, obtaining fast and spectacular results for a perfect smile.
What are dental veneers?
Dental veneers are prosthetic parts in the form of fine films, which cover the external visible part of the teeth. They are the optimal and quick solution for obtaining a bright white, but at the same time natural smile.
Here are a number of benefits of dental veneers:
  • A quick alternative for professional whitening and correcting teeth with orthodontic appliances. Thanks to our CEREC CAD/CAM technology, we can offer our patients whiter and straighter teeth, quickly, in one sitting, without painful and lasting treatments;
  • The materials used are biocompatible, so dental veneers are perfectly tolerated by soft tissues;
  • Due to the fact that they are smooth and glossy, bacterial plaque does not adhere to the dental veneers, so there is no risk of inflammation of the gums;
  • Minimally invasive fixation (saving the natural structure of the tooth);
  • Unlike natural teeth, dental veneers do not stain from coffee and cigarettes;
  • A long-term solution. Dental veneers are as resistant as natural tooth enamel and have a lifespan of 10-15 years if properly maintained through proper oral hygiene;
  • Elimination of the risk of any allergic reactions, due to the very enamel-like material from which the dental veneers are made CEREC 3D CAD / CAM;
  • Significant improvement of teeth aesthetics, without pain and in record time;
  • Elimination of traditional fingerprinting and manual grinding (avoiding the risk of human error);
  • Lack of need for temporary dental work, which means reduced costs and fewer visits to the dentist.
Stoma duration: 1 – 4 days
Duration Tourism:
Prices – Starting from*: EUR 400
*depending on the complexity of the case
Dental health is closely related to general health. Dental problems can create speech problems, affect nutrition and self-confidence. That’s why the easiest way to avoid complex and expensive dental treatments is dental prevention. Regularly make a visit to the dental office and perform professional oral hygiene procedures: professional hygiene, detection of dental cavities and their treatment, sealing of teeth to prevent the occurence of cavities. This is why we are waiting for you at Dental Clinics Dr. Leahu, where through the checks every 6 months, you will enjoy a healthy denture and smile without restraints.
Here are a number of benefits of dental prophylaxis:
  • Early stage identification of dental diseases;
  • Prevention of gum disease;
  • Maintaining a healthy denture;
  • Removal of bacterial plaque;
  • Prevention of oral cancer;
  • Maintaining the result of previous dental work;
  • An impeccable smile and fresh breath;
  • Cost reduction.
Stoma duration: 1 – 4 days
Duration Tourism:
Prices – Starting from*: EUR 2,500
*depending on the complexity of the case
Visually improve the appearance of your smile with the help of modern technologies that we use in Dental Clinics Dr. Leahu, including braces. Because we emphasize comfort and efficient solution of any dental problems, we offer you a wide range of dental appliances in which both the aesthetic factor and the functionality are constantly improved. We offer you several types of braces: Sapphire, Incognito, Invisalign and Damon.
What is orthodontics?
Orthodontics involves straightening and correcting the position of the teeth with the help of a treatment with braces. The doctor works entirely with the patient’s bone and teeth to bring them into their correct position. If the results of the orthodontic treatment are maintained very well and after the removal of the braces (with the help of a mouth guard and a correct oral hygiene), you will enjoy a perfect teeth and straight teeth all your life.
Here are a number of benefits of braces:
  • You solve the aesthetic and health problem quickly and painlessly – thanks to modern dental appliances you will get a beautiful and healthy smile;
  • You gain a beautiful smile that restores your self-confidence;
  • You know the price of braces right from the beginning;
  • Doctors specialized in orthodontics.
Stoma duration: 1 – 4 days
Duration Tourism:
Prices – Starting from*: EUR 400
*depending on the complexity of the case
In order to give the youngest a pleasant experience at his/her first visit to the dentist, you must carefully choose the dental clinic and the doctor who will consult him. Also, wanting to make their visit as pleasant as possible, we created for them a special concept, The Space Academy Dr. Leahu, where children can be friends with fairy-tale characters, play in specially designed spaces and, at the same time, benefit from modern dental treatments, made by a team of experienced doctors. We are waiting for you in Romania, at Dental Clinics Dr. Leahu to benefit from the prevention and treatment package, specially designed for children It includes: professional sanitization, detection of tooth cavities and their treatment, sealing of teeth to prevent the appearance of cavities.
Here are a number of benefits of dental prophylaxis in children:
  • Early stage identification of dental diseases;
  • Prevention of gum disease;
  • Maintaining a healthy denture;
  • Working technique and modern equipment allow us to carry out treatments for your child in a comfortable and pleasant environment;
  • For the benefit of parents and so that the youngest do not get bored, during the time they wait, we have specially arranged for them, a special environment. It awaits them with fairy-tale characters and special games available on the tablets in the clinic or on the mobile phone;
  • We put at your service the gained experience, but also the modern technology and materials, to ensure quality treatments.
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