Apical Resection

An unclean canal, stuck by a pin, a fracture or a crack in the tooth root, can create for you major complications which, if untreated, may affect the health of your whole body.

By apical resection, a non-invasive surgical procedure, the specialists Dr. Leahu – Dental Clinics manage to prevent or to treat these problems at an early stage.

The apical resection is usually done only after a failed root canal treatment, following which a granulation tissue appears (infection) at the root of a tooth. It is done in order to save the tooth, whose only alternative is the extraction.

The dental granuloma forms due to leakage of bacteria to the root tip and the bone around it and can evolve until the forming of a cyst which affects, also, the neighbouring teeth.

In case of an infection, in a first stage, treating the tooth through a microscope endodontics is attempted – maximum precision, direct vision control for a complete and correct treatment.

The procedure is performed in a single session and consists in providing an incision in the gum, and then in the removal of the infection in the affected apex and bone tissue.


At Dr. Leahu – Dental Clinics, offers you cutting edge complex surgical treatments, without discomfort or special post-procedure care.


Painless procedures

Work technique and modern equipment allow us to make dental implant treatments in a comfortable ambience for you.

Successful interventions

Dental implants work and feel just like a natural tooth. Therefore both the daily oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist are very important.

Teeth in a day

You can go home with the provisional teeth the same day.


Experienta noastra, tehnologiile avansate si materialele folosite asigura inalta calitate a implanturilor noastre dentare.

Oferim garantie intre 10 si 30 de ani in functie de implantul ales



We solve any dental problems you may have quickly, safely and painlessly, thanks to our young team that is continuously developing.


Stabilim diagnosticul şi alegem împreună tratamentul ce îţi oferă cea mai bună alternativă de rezolvare a problemei dentare.


We are always updated with the most innovative dental techniques and procedures so that you get only the best services.

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