Dental Braces

Improve the appearance of your smile for a result as close to perfection with the help of modern technologies we use at Dr. Leahu – Dental clinics.

The progress in dental technology allows us to correct painlessly any orthodontic problem that can affect the health of teeth, gums, temporal-mandibular joint and the digestive tract integrity.

Recommendations when wearing braces:

It is necessary to solve any existing dental problems (cavities, tartar, and poor hygiene).

It is necessary to have a professional dental scaling and brushing.

If you feel discomfort or bite on a bracket you need to urgently address the orthodontist.

For pain relief we only recommend the administration the drugs prescribed by your orthodontist.

During the first days nutrition and diction are affected.

A prevention visit is necessary every 3-4 months – professional cleaning (air-flow, scaling, professional brushing).


Prevention visit – your doctor will analyze changes to normal teeth position and bite (dental occlusion) to determine the orthodontic treatment you need.

Customized treatment plan for every patient – the orthodontist needs some information, such as dental impressions to obtain a plaster study model of the arches, intra and extra-oral pictures, panoramic radiographs and cephalograms to be able to draw it up.

The first day with brackets – a spacer is fitted on (for the mucous and lips) that will be maintained throughout the installation period of the fixed braces.

Consultations – fixed braces are enabled in 4 to 6 weeks, but it depends on the type chosen.

Removing brackets – the removal session takes about an hour. After that a prophylaxis and fluoridation session is required.

Wearing a restraining device (for about 5 years) – it consists of an acrylate basis and hooks that are designed to keep the teeth in the correct position.

Types of braces

Since we focus on comfort and efficient handling of any dental issues, we offer a wide range of braces whose aesthetic factor and functionality are constantly being improved.

hidden braces

Incognito is the latest generation braces, ensuring fast and sustainable results in solving any type of malocclusion.

Sapphire transparent braces

If you wear braces you get a flawless smile, but if it is visible you keep postponing the moment.

Invisalign invisible braces

Invisalign is a modern and invisible method of solving malpositions (crooked teeth, dental crowding or gaps), an alternative to braces with brackets and wires.


Damon braces have a number of benefits over traditional braces, they are more effective at correcting severe crowding and are more comfortable.

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Dr. Anca Temelcea

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