Bredent’s SKY Fast&Fixed dental implants

SKY fast&fixed dental implants


  • Full functionality of your teeth within 24 hours
  • Resumption of your social life in a record time
  • Complex treatment in one intervention
  • Fixed costs

SKY fast&fixed is a revolutionary new procedure for providing a new set of fixed teeth in a single day. This concept addresses mainly patients who lost all their teeth or have irrecoverable teeth.

It is recommended for patients who need a reconstruction in the upper jaw and the lower jaw. The procedure implies implantation of dental implants and fixing temporary work in 24h. The major advantage of using the Bredent SKY fast&fixed system is that we are now able to offer patients in a single day fixed teeth they can eat with immediately after the surgery, resuming their social life in record time. We guarantee 100% osseointegration of dental implants, and with the PRGF technique we ensure that the patient heals 7 times faster than normal, reduces the risk of infection and diminished swelling. To regenerate enough bone for successful implant placement, a ridge augmentation technique is often required. The entire operation is supervised by the anesthesiologist who assures the patient’s conscious sedation, enhancing his comfort. An anesthesiologist supervises the administration of medication so that the patient will not experience pain.

Reprezentare grafica a implanturilor dentare in gingie si a coroanelor dentare

Thanks to our patients, which are over 3,000, who have decided to use Bredent SKY fast&fixed dental implants. They brought us to the 1st place! Thanks Bredent Medical Romania for the diploma awarded on this occasion!

Candidates for SKY fast&fixed implants:

  • Patients who lost all their teeth and want a fixed work;
  • Patients who have irrecoverable teeth or who cannot support a fixed work;
  • Patients who cannot support classic dental implants because of bone losses;
  • Patients who require laborious interventions;
  • Patients who wear dentures but wish to have fixed teeth;

Fast & Fixed Cases

Stages of a SKY fast&fixed intervention:

1. Consultation and dental X-ray

2. Initial dental impression for fixed temporary dental bridge

3. Surgical procedure

4. Control X-ray

7. Final impression taking and bite registration post-surgery

8. The temporary dental bridge is inserted and adapted


Painless procedures

Work technique and modern equipment allow us to make dental implant treatments in a comfortable ambience for you.

Successful interventions

Dental implants work and feel just like a natural tooth. Therefore both the daily oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist are very important.

Teeth in a day

You can go home with the provisional teeth the same day.


We put at your service our experience, the cutting-edge technology and materials to ensure the highest quality of dental implants.



We solve any dental problems you may have quickly, safely and painlessly, thanks to our young team that is continuously developing.


We establish the diagnosis and choose together the treatment that gives you the best alternative for solving dental problems.


We are always updated with the most innovative dental techniques and procedures so that you get only the best services.

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