Dental veneers

Wear a bright, aesthetic and always white smile with confidence, a smile obtained using cutting-edge dental veneering treatments from Dr. Leahu – Dental Clinics.

Out of concern for the appearance and health of your teeth, we only use materials that faithfully replicate the natural colour of the tooth, obtaining quick and spectacular results for a perfect smile.


Veneers without sanding – Lumineers

If you want a “Hollywood smile” we are waiting for you in our Clinics to offer you the best, fast and lasting aesthetic treatment conducted at Dr. Leahu – Dental Clinics only by doctors specialized in the revolutionary technique of applying these veneers.

Ceramic veneers

You can have a perfect smile at an affordable price, with the most popular non-invasive dental beauty procedure, available at Dr. Leahu – Dental clinics – the ceramic veneers.


Diagnosis and treatment application – through a primary examination or in some cases through dental impression and x-ray, the doctor decides what is the optimum solution for solving the aesthetic dental problems of the patient

Preparation of the teeth – cleaning the teeth and removing a layer of enamel; taking the mould needed to make the veneers (the process may take approximately 2 weeks)

Uncapping – temporary veneers will be removed (if any) and then the correct position of the final veneers will be established. The dentist will use a special weak acid solution, creating a rougher surface (necessary to improve the adhesion of the veneer)

The location and placement of the veneers
– the ceramic veneer will be placed on the outer front surface of the tooth by means of a special adhesive. Once the final position is determined a special light that will strengthen the dental cement used is applied.


Painless procedures

Work technique and modern equipment allow us to make dental implant treatments in a comfortable ambience for you.

Successful interventions

Dental implants work and feel just like a natural tooth. Therefore both the daily oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist are very important.

Teeth in a day

You can go home with the provisional teeth the same day.


We put at your service our experience, the cutting-edge technology and materials to ensure the highest quality of dental implants.

Depending on the selected implant we offer guarantees between 10 and 30 years.



We solve any dental problems you may have quickly, safely and painlessly, thanks to our young team that is continuously developing.


We establish the diagnosis and choose together the treatment that gives you the best alternative for solving dental problems.


We are always updated with the most innovative dental techniques and procedures so that you get only the best services.

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