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Dr. Ionuț Leahu

Owner & Dentist, competence in oral implantology

Why should you prevent instead of cure?

A good dentist helps you find in good time the treatments that you need to decide how you take care of your dental health. We have created several treatment plans so that you are fully informed and choose knowingly.

Level 1 - Emergency treatment

Your case is a priority to us and we do our best to make you feel comfortable as quickly as possible.

Level 2 - Treatment of a minor problem

We solve your dental problem quickly at an affordable price.

Level 3 – Personal care

Includes regular prevention visits, accompanied by the consideration of daily oral hygiene (brushing, mouthwash and dental floss).

Level 4 –Long-term treatment

Patients concerned with treating the cause, not the symptoms. They decide on a full treatment plan and on solving any dental problems (including implants).

Level 5 – Aesthetics

Patients who know that their smile is their businesscard and who are always concerned with leaving an excellent impression.

“Choosing a new dentist can be challenging, I know …””

Dr. Leahu Dental Clinics

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