Emergency Dental Treatment

Are you experiencing toothache, it pulsates or you have an abscess which refuses to disappear? Whatever the problem, in just 30 minutes, the specialists at Dr. Leahu – Dental Clinics offer you the best care for you to feel comfortable again.

Emergency refers to:

  • when a tooth emerges out of the socket or fractures following treatment
  • excessive bleeding in the oral cavity
  • loss of fillings or other restorative work, causing damage to the tongue or lips

Most common emergencies:

Abscess – painful and localized swelling, with red and congested tissue, which can form around the tooth root or in the space between gum and tooth. The emergency treatment is incision and drainage of purulent collection, but may continue with treatment or tooth extraction, as appropriate.

Dentoalveolar trauma (avulsion, sprains, fractures) may be treated by abatement, immobilization or tooth extraction.

Dental avulsion is the accidental extraction of a tooth from its socket. It can be saved by replanting in 30, maximum 60 minutes from accident and only if the tooth is not corrupted.

Dental dislocation is the abnormal movement of the tooth in its socket, following a traumatic injury. Emergency treatment consists in repositioning (manually or surgically) the tooth, followed by immobilization.

Coronary cracks and fractures – in this case, the emergency consists only in the dental fracture reaching the pulp chamber.

Acute pulpit (tooth pulp inflammation) is manifested by: pulsating pain that intensifying with movements; hypersensitivity to cold or hot; tooth colour change or swelling of the gums and cheek. Emergency treatment consists of cleaning the cavity and applying a soothing dressing, then temporary fillings.

Acute apical periodontitis – is characterized by inflammation of the apex (tip of the tooth root), a persistent pain and sometimes fever, and near the tooth root, the gums become red and painful.

Post-extraction bleeding – occurs 3-4 days after extraction, spontaneously or induced by a trauma. In this case, the emergency treatment is complex and varies depending on the severity.

Alveolitis is a localized infection at the site of an extracted tooth and manifests itself through live pain, which disappears the second or third day of extraction. Emergency treatment consists in lavage cleaning, antibiotics cones and possibly curettage.

Pericoronitis – appears as a problem of tooth eruption and manifests as a minor irritation, accompanied by an unpleasant odour and taste and impossibility to open the mouth.

For us, dental emergencies are as important as any other medical problem, which if neglected or treated superficially, causes permanent disability or may require complex and more costly treatments.


Painless procedures

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Successful interventions

Dental implants work and feel just like a natural tooth. Therefore both the daily oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist are very important.

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