Extractions of the impacted or semi-impacted wisdom teeth

Although tradition says that the wisdom tooth emergence coincides with the age of maturity in thinking it is not always a reason for joy. Most often wisdom teeth have a vicious positioning that does not allow them to erupt fully or if they are partially covered by gum they can decay and cause terrible pain.

The impacted molar occurs when the space it needs to erupt normally decreases for various reasons, and the eruption is prevented by gums, bone, another tooth or all three.

A wisdom tooth can be extracted even if it is affected by caries because in cases where there is insufficient space on the arch it will exert pressures that cause changes of position.

Wisdom tooth will be extracted under local anaesthesia or by uncapping (the excision of the lining that covers it allows it to grow) or by odontectomy (mechanical extraction).

If the wisdom tooth is extracted on time it prevents infections, pressure pain and cysts (leading to bone destruction, jaw expansion and displacement of neighbouring teeth). Preferably, the intervention must take place between 14 and 22 years, whether or not they caused problems until that age.

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