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Bredent’s SKY fast&fixed dental implants

Forget about the dentures!

Choose team No. 1 in dental implants*! We'll help you to get your smile back and get a truly functional teeth in just 24 hours!

*according to Bredent Medical Romania

Bredent's SKY fast&fixed, quick dental implants, guaranteed by Dr. Leahu, represent the most modern and safe method of total tooth reconstruction, which is addressed to patients without teeth or with compromised teeth, who can no longer be saved. In one day, patients will benefit from dental implants and prosthetic work!

SKY fast&fixed dental implant system (implants in one day) is for:

Patients whose teeth are affected by periodontal disease

Patiens who lost all their teeth and want a fixed dental work

Patiens who have irrecoverable teeth or who cannot support a fixed dental work

Patiens who wear dentures but wish to have fixed teeth

The treatment plan is discussed with each patient, and depending on the complexity of these case (bone resorption) and the medical history, during the specialist consultation you will receive all the treatment options, also you will receive all the information that you need to obtain a fully functional smile in 24 hours!

The therapeutic stages for rehabilitation your teeth with SKY fast&fixed dental implants are:

In the chirurgical stage, the following interventions take place:

  • Mark of teeth & photos of initial dentition;
  • PRGF* blood collection;
  • Conscious sedation;*
  • Dental extractions;
  • Dental implant support interventions: * bone addition / sinus lift;
  • Dental insertion of SKY fast&fixed implants ;
  • Mounting of temporary work;

*We use PRGF Endorent in our treatments with a dental implant because:

  • it’s 100% biocompatible and safe;
  • the healing process is 7 times faster than normal;
  • the degree of post-intervention comfort is high;
  • the risks of inflammation, infections and post-surgical complications disappear;
  • 0% body rejection rate – the technology works with the patient’s own blood;


  • Without pain .
  • You will be able to collaborate permanently with your dentist, so the intervention will be faster.
  • Made by an anesthesiologist who constantly monitors the vital functions of the patient .

Cunoaște echipa chirurgicală:

Dr. Ionuț Leahu, medic implantolog

Dr. Ionuț Leahu, medic implantolog

Dr. Carl Moussa, medic specialist chirurgie dento-alveolară

Dr. Carl Moussa, medic specialist chirurgie dento-alveolară

Dr. Corina Cîmpean, medic specialist chirurgie oro-maxilo-facială

Dr. Corina Cîmpean, medic specialist chirurgie oro-maxilo-facială

Dr. Konstantinos Liarokapis medic specialist chirurgie dentară, maxilo-facială

Dr. Konstantinos Liarokapis, medic specialist chirurgie dentară, maxilo-facială; Drd. în Științe Medicale

Mark of prosthetic work

Samples of prosthetic work

Mounting of prosthetic work

*Types of prosthetic works dedicated to the SKY fast&fixed dental implant system (fast dental implant):

Echipa de medici dentisti in timpul unei interventii chirurgicale de inserare a implanturilor Sky Fast and Fixed de la Bredent

SKY fast&fixed work
(metal structure & composite teeth)

Echipa de medici stomatologi, refacand dantura unui pacient cu ajutorul unor implanturi dentare Sky Fast and Fixed de la Bredent

SKY fast&fixed work
(metal structure & ceramics teeth)

Medici dentiști și chirurgi stomatologi în timpul tratamentului pentru un pacient, la Centrului de Excelenta in Chirurgie dentara

SKY fast&fixed work
(titanium structure & ceramic individual teeth)

The patients of the Dental Clinic Dr.Leahu benefit from:

  • Personalized therapeutic plan;
  • Personalized financial plan;
  • The best quality – price report in the market;
  • Pre & post-intervention consulting;
  • Post-surgical recovery in specialized reserves;
  • Lifetime guarantee for implants made in Dr. Leahu Dental Clinics!

Cases with SKY fast&fixed - teeth in a day:

SKY fast&fixed: fixed denture in 24 hours

Ileana Ghica este pacienta noastra iar in urma cu 6 luni a venit in clinica pentru a-i reface intreaga dantura pe mandibula in doar 24 de ore cu sistemul de implanturi dentare SKY fast&fixed. La ultima vizita in clinica i-a fost montata lucrarea pe termen lung si a dorit sa impartaseasca cu toata lumea experienta pe care a avut-o in clinicile noastre.

Fast&fixed dental implant, possible at any age!

In zilele noastre, un implant dentar este cea mai rapida solutie de restaurare. In clinicile stomatologice Dr. Leahu folosim implanturi dentare Bredent Fast&Fixed, care in doar 24 de ore, te ajuta sa pleci acasa cu dinti ficsi. Mai mult, alegerea acestui tip de implant dentar ii ofera pacientului posibilitatea de a sti de la bun inceput care este planul de tratament si costul aferent. Dr. Ionut Leahu, specialist in implantologie, vorbeste despre eficienta unui implant dentar Fast&Fixed.

Fixed denture in 24 hours with SKY fast&fixed and zygomatic implants

In clinica stomatologica dr. Leahu iti oferim cel mai rapid sistem de implanturi dentare – prin metoda fast&fixed. In doar 24 de ore, poti pleca acasa cu o dantura complet noua si sa mananci orice iti doresti. In plus, fiind implanturi dentare nr. 1 in lume, fast&fixed este sistemul care a ajutat sute de pacienti sa zambeasca cu incredere si sa manance orice isi doresc, fara teama. Mai multe informatii despre ce impune procedura cu fast&fixed, afli de la dr. Ionut Leahu, medic dentist, competenta in Implantologie Orala.

INFORM yourself correctly!

Ask us for more details about SKY fast&fixed dental implants from Bredent (dental implant in 24 hours)!

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