Our mission: To provide every patient with real health and exceptional experience

We believe in collaborative entrepreneurship and together, we set the standard in dentistry through Dr. Leahu Dental Clinic Partnership

The year 2018 noted the opening of the first clinic outside the capital, in Pitesti. We also arrive in Timisoara this year, where we will be inaugurating a clinic in November. The total investment in facilities and equipment in 2018 amounts to EUR 1,000,000, including the Dental Clinic Dr. Leahu in Pitesti, Timisoara and the Dental Technology Laboratory in Bucharest.

Partnerships are the ones that can provide us with sustainable development at an extremely fast pace. Partners will have access to a dedicated business with very ambitious goals for the future. There are four major pillars that we rely on in partnership.

  • The first is the concept of Integrated Clinic – One Stop Shop. It will have at least 8 dental chairs, will be equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and will contain an integrated service offer. The Integrated Clinic also means a multidisciplinary team in which we invest heavily to prepare for the future.
  • The second pillar of this partnership is the marketing and communication team that will handle all of these clinics. This team has a long-term vision of branding and understands how communication should be targeted.
  • The third pillar is procurement-centered. At Dr. Leahu Dental Clinic, we know where to buy at competitive prices on the market.
  • And the last and fourth pillar are the one to provide our partners with development and optimization consulting across all business dimensions.


  • Viable Integrated Clinic Concept – One Stop Shop;
  • Central Marketing and Communication Team with long-term vision;
  • Development and Optimization Consultancy on all area of business;
  • Centralized acquisitions, we know where to buy at competitive prices on the market;
  • Share capital up to 400 thousand euros.


  • Do you have entrepreneurial spirit?
  • Do you want to provide real health and exceptional experience to patients?
  • Do you interact with doctors and understand their mentality?
  • Do you want to be part of the team that sets standards in dentistry?
  • Have you invested capital of at least 100 thousand euros?

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Dr. Ionut Leahu si echipa de medici stomatologi din cadrul clinicilor stomatologice Dr. Leahu

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