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[accordion autoclose=”true” openfirst=”true” tag=”h2″][accordion-item id=”item-1″ title=”Consultations”]

Service Price
Dental consultation 30 euros
Doctor Leahu consultation 60 euros
Panoramic radiography 20 euros

[/accordion-item][accordion-item id=”item-2″ title=”Prophylaxis”]

Service Price
Air flow 48 euros
Scaling and professional dental cleaning 60 euros
Professional teeth cleaning (scaling + professional dental cleaning + airflow) 80 euros

[/accordion-item][accordion-item id=”item-3″ title=”Esthetic”]

Service Price
Teeth whitening mouthguard 166 euros
Zoom professional teeth whitening 360 euros
Emax veneer 500 euros

[/accordion-item][accordion-item id=”item-4″ title=”Dental fillings”]

Service Price
Dental Filling from 62 Euros

[/accordion-item][accordion-item id=”item-5″ title=”Endodontic treatment”]

Service Price
Fiber glass pivot 54 euros
Microscope Root Canal Treatment 138 euros
Microscope Root Canal Retreatment 138 euros

[/accordion-item][accordion-item id=”item-6″ title=”Periodontal treatments”]

Service Price
Periodontal control 30 euros
Periodontometry 30 euros
Periodontal therapy stage I / arch 319 euros/arch
Periodontal therapy stage II / arch 300 euros/arch
Antimicrobial Treatment 250 euros
Laser Decontamination 166 euros
Immobilization of periodontal teeth with composite 126 euros
Immobilization of periodontal teeth everstick 194 euros
Laser bio stimulation 56 euros
PRGF periodontal 570 euros


[accordion autoclose=”true” openfirst=”true” tag=”h2″][accordion-item id=”item-8″ title=”Surgery”]

Service Price
Tooth extraction from 66 euros
Tooth extracted due to periodontal disease 49 euros
Wisdom teeth extraction 112 euros
Remaining tooth fragment extraction 40 euros

[/accordion-item][accordion-item id=”item-9″ title=”Prosthetic”]

Service Price
Metal ceramic crown 360 euros
Crown with CEREC/Implant 600 euros
Crown with CEREC EMAX /Tooth 500 euros

[/accordion-item][accordion-item id=”item-10″ title=”Implantology”]

Service Price
Nobel implant 1160 euros
Straumann implant 1160 euros
Bredent implant 700 euros
White SKY implant 1100 euros

[/accordion-item][accordion-item id=”item-11″ title=”Orthodontics”]

Service Price
Orthodontic consultation 40 euros
Fixed orthodontic device – metallic + ceramic brackets / arch 700 euros
Fixed orthodontic device – metallic brackets / arch 660 euros
Fixed orthodontic device – sapphire + ceramic brackets / arch 960 euros
Mobile orthodontic device/arcade 220 euros
Orthodontic device Incognito 3168 euros
Lingual orthodontic device 2300 euros
Orthodontic device Invisalign 4800 euros
Orthodontic device Invisalign with dental monitoring 5600 euros
Fixed orthodontic metallic device Damon / arch 1320 euros
Orthodontic device Spark 2400 euros

[/accordion-item][accordion-item id=”item-12″ title=”Pediatric Dentistry “]

Service Price
Consultation (under 5 years old) 36 euros
Consultation (5+ years old) 56 euros
Emergency treatment 70 euros
Full prophylaxis (scaling, brushing, fluoridation) 77 euros
Dental sealant (temporary tooth) 29 euros
Dental sealant (permanent tooth) 36 euros
Physiognomic obturations from 74 euros
Root canal obturation 74 euros
Gangrene/necrosis treatment/session 45 euros
Temporary mobile tooth extraction 30 euros
Temporary immobile tooth extraction 51 euros
Incipient caries treatment ICON 70 euros


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