Professional teeth whitening with ZOOM

In general people’s teeth are naturally white, close to perfection. Unfortunately, most people notice how over the years their teeth become yellow. When brushing can no longer stop this process, we seek the solution in professional whitening treatments.

Therefore we have chosen for you the latest technology in teeth whitening – the ZOOM lamp that can provide the best, fastest and sustainable results.


  • Your teeth will be significantly whiter
  • The treatment (including the preparation) takes around one hour and a half
  • It is safe and painless
  • It has a lasting effect
  • It can be repeated annually

The results and efficiency of the ZOOM lamp overshadows any other professional whitening treatment – 6 shades in just 60 minutes.

The results and efficiency of the ZOOM lamp overshadows any other professional whitening treatment – 6 shades in just 60 minutes.

Thanks to the advanced LED technology (100% more intense light than any other lamp on the market), the Zoom lamp records 50% better results than other conventional treatments

How long does the whitening treatment last?

The Zoom lamp helps you get your teeth 6 shades whiter in just 60 minutes. During the visit the whitening gel is applied 2 to 4 times every 15 minutes. Depending on the desired shade the exposure to the whitening gel can last between 30 and 60 minutes.

How white will my teeth be after the treatment?

It depends on the yellowing stage but we guarantee your teeth will be significantly whiter and you will be impressed with the results.

Does it hurt?

The procedure itself is painless because it is performed under local anaesthesia.

You can experience a light pressure when temperature changes (hot, cold) during the first 24 hours. We recommend you to avoid the consumption of „colored” food and drinks.

Does it affect my teeth?

The professional whitening performed with the ZOOM lamp is 100% secure: it has no side effects, does not destroy or affect the teeth enamel.

How long will they be white?

The results lasting period depends on your nutrition and personal habits (smoking, drinking coffee).

We recommend you to repeat the treatment once a year so as to keep an optimum effect.


Painless procedures

Work technique and modern equipment allow us to make dental implant treatments in a comfortable ambience for you.

Successful interventions

Dental implants work and feel just like a natural tooth. Therefore both the daily oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist are very important.

Teeth in a day

You can go home with the provisional teeth the same day.


We put at your service our experience, the cutting-edge technology and materials to ensure the highest quality of dental implants.

Depending on the selected implant we offer guarantees between 10 and 30 years.



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