Corporate dental subscriptions

Hard times are easier to overcome when you have a united team with you and always with a smile on your face. That’s why, in order to take care of the smiles of your colleagues and employees, we have created a series of corporate dental subscriptions to cover their main dental needs. Whether we are talking about basic needs – regular screening, scaling – or more complex needs – x-rays, interventions – our company subscriptions cover all requirements.

Corporate subscriber benefits:

    • Free specialist examinations;
    • Dedicated KeyAccount;
    • Priority for appointments (no emergency fee);
    • Free radiographs;
    • Free prophylaxis;
    • Free emergency treatments;
    • Discount dental services.

Andra Marinescu din echipa Clinicilor stomatologice Dr Leahu
Abonamentele stomatologice sunt un beneficiu pentru angajații unei companii și familiile lor

A satisfied employee is a more productive employee. Give your team the oral health they need to start their day at the office with a smile on their face!

For more information about the corporate dental subscriptions offered by Dr. Leahu Dental Clinics do not hesitate to contact us! We are here to answer all your questions.

SanoPass dental subscriptions

Healthy teeth are completely free of oral problems. Keeping your teeth clean and healthy is very important for the whole body. That’s why we created 4 dental subscriptions that can be accessed through the SanoPass application. They help you to solve your most common dental problems and at the same time, to get a beautiful and healthy smile.

Download the SanoPass app to your mobile phone from the AppStore or GooglePlay

Benefits of SanoPass subscribers:

    • Specialized dental examinations;
    • Panoramic radiographs;
    • Complete maxillary/mandibular tomography;
    • Modern dental treatments;
    • The largest network in the Romanian dental industry, with a presence in 12 cities in the country and a clinic in London; 129 dental offices.

Services included in SanoPass dental subscriptions:

Download the SanoPass app to your mobile phone from the AppStore or GooglePlay

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