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Dr. Leahu – Dental Clinics focus on the quality services we offer. Therefore, we constantly invest in innovative technologies so that your treatment is always effective and safe. Your satisfaction made us the leaders in dental prevention.

The most performing whitening

We use the most advanced professional whitening system, which has proven successful in America – ZOOM lamp. In just 60 minutes you will have 6 shades whiter teeth, with no risks and with minimal discomfort. It is the safest device in terms of quality and efficiency and we guarantee that you will fall in love again with your smile!

3D root canals filling

You get rid of the pain and complications caused by root inflammations through innovative endodontic treatments made only electronically. In this way, the practitioner provides a perfectly sealed and sterile sealing of canals.

Microscopic endodontics

We guarantee the success of the treatments through atraumatic and fast microscopic interventions, which save time and money.
The microscope increases up to 25 times the image and our specialist can clearly diagnose delicate diseases and treat correctly and completely root canals.

Implants from Bredent Germany

Grafica cu mandibula cu 3 implanturi dentare Bredent Fast and Fixed

Enjoy new and fully functional teeth in just 24 hours. Dr. Leahu – offer you the most innovative dental implant system in the world, from a world-renowned manufacturer of quality products – Bredent Germany.
The revolutionary Fast & Fixed implants offer you quality, sustainability, safety and durability, doubled by a significant reduction in treatment costs.

PRGF Endoret

This technology restores the affected tissue 7 times faster than the natural healing. It has proved particularly effective in treatments with dental implants, significantly reducing the healing time between surgical steps. In addition, we use it successfully in beauty, hydration and skin rejuvenation treatments.


With the Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing technology the dental specialist creates and shapes dental crowns using a computer, thus providing an incomparably greater precision than the handmade precision.

100% sterilized 100% SAFE

Aparat autoclav alb cu mov, de sterilizat instrumentar medical

We strictly comply with the sterilization process of medical instruments – from the smallest cutter to the instruments used in surgery. Our medical team spends 3 hours every day packing and sterilizing separately each medical item so that everything is 100% safe, regardless of the number of patients who visit us.


It is used to keep the treated area dry and isolate the teeth during the root canals treatments, the restorations (fillings) and cementation of final works, thereby increasing the durability and quality of medical care. It looks like an extendable rubber sheet which is fixed to the teeth by means of clips and a plastic frame.



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