The program “A new chance” | 100 € credit for each implant that needs to be replaced.

At Dr. Leahu Dental Clinics, any dental problem shall find the right solution!

Through the “A new chance program” you benefit from a € 100 credit, from us for each dental implant that needs to be replaced!

If you also wanted a dental implant to get rid of the discomfort created by the lack of a tooth and, in reality, you ended up with bigger dental problems, then choose “A new chance program” guaranteed by Dr. Leahu!

Through the “A new chance program” you benefit from a € 100 credit, , no matter where you did the intervention.

We want to offer all patients real health and an exceptional experience, that's why, regardless of the clinic where you put your dental implant that causes you problems, we help you get a healthy and beautiful smile!

For any dental implant you choose to replace, Dr. Leahu Dental Clinics offers you a sum of € 100 credit to use for the new surgery.

Dental implants are a quick, complete and painless solution that changes the entire life of patients.

Dr. Ionuț Leahu

Owner & Founder Clinicile Dentare Dr.Leahu

Dentist with competence in oral implantology and master in oral implantology and periodontology.

Problems caused by failed dental implants. What happens when patients do not have proper surgery?

  • Gum and soft tissue infections due to dental implant.
    These can lead to total failure, and surgery can become a real risk to your body.
  • Sinuses can be affected.
    Dental implants with the right size for you can lead to complications: damage to the sinuses and withdrawal of dental implants;

  • Dental implant mobility.
    When dental implants are not correctly inserted, they do not integrate and show increased mobility which causes unbearable pain.
  • Dental implant rupture.
    Even if it is made of an extremely resistant material, the dental implant can suffer various ruptures. Unreplaced in time, it can lead to bone loss or infection.

Forget the pain!

Replace failed dental implants at Dr. Leahu Dental Clinics and receive € 100 credit for each implant that needs to be replaced!

The benefits of a properly inserted dental implant:

  • The dental implant protects healthy teeth because it is a prosthetic solution that replaces only the missing tooth (without affecting the neighbors, as happens in the case of a dental bridge);
  • Comfort and self-confidence, you eat, talk and smile without fear and pain;

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