Zygomatic Dental Implants

Allow yourself to smile with confidence! What are Zygomatic Dental Implants?

After teeth loss and postponing their replacement, the alveolar bone (the bone support of the tooth) loses volume, which makes teeth restoration impossible by conventional dental implants. An alternative to classic dental implants, which requires prior bone grafting, is zygomatic dental implant. These are special implants with a height of 35 to 55 mm, 3 – 4 times longer than classical implants, which start from the alveolar bone, penetrate the sinus and are embedded into the zygomatic bones (cheekbones).

Our experienced clinicians have successfully completed this intervention with excellent results. Come now in any Dr. Leahu clinic and choose zygomatic dental implants, the ultimate solution for those who suffer from severe atrophy of the maxilla, but want fixed teeth!

You will have the certainty that the treatment will have the desired results. The Zygomatic dental implant success rate is 100% at Dr. Leahu clinics.

Who can benefit from Zygomatic dental implants:

  • patients with severe bone atrophy (resorption), who cannot benefit from conventional dental implants without bone mass restoration;
  • patients who do not have enough bone to insert conventional implants and experience maxillary sinus volume increases (air cavities located in the maxillae);
  • patients who no longer have bone in the maxillary and want fixed teeth;
  • patients who wish to exclude bone graft and sinus lift interventions, which are essential stages of classic dental implants;
  • patients who wish to complete implant treatment in shorter time;
  • patients with unstable classic dentures who experience difficulty during mastication and speech.

Advantages of zygomatic implant:

  • offer patients, regardless of the level of maxillary atrophy, the possibility of having a fixed lifetime implant;
  • a quick method, as the patient obtains a fixed implant immediately after the intervention;
  • after one session you will benefit from fixed teeth without further interventions such as dental implant reveal surgery;
  • resuming social life in record time by reduced healing time;
  • increased comfort, patients can benefit from fixed denture without the need for additional bone graft surgery;
  • long – term guarantee.

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