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Oral cancer testing with VELSCOPE VX

VELSCOPE test can change or save your life in just 2 minutes. Dr. Leahu – Dental Clinics are the first to hold in Romania the only oral cancer screening device approved by Health Canada and the World Health Organisation.

It is the most simple, fast and non-invasive way of testing oral cancer, a disease that affects nearly 1 million people annually. The device emits a bright blue light due to which soft tissues become fluorescent.

It can detect bacterial and viral infections, squamous cell carcinoma (responsible for cancer), tumours of the salivary gland, the presence of cancer and pre-cancer and any other abnormalities in the oral lining.

If it is screened early with VELSCOPE device the chances to have successful treatment or interventions increase.

The technology is used in 23 countries worldwide by nearly 12.000 dentists. Medical studies conducted on 25 million patients show that this is the only device in the world that can detect any form of oral cancer very early, providing important information to fight against stagnation and to cure this disease.


Quick and painless testing

Reliable results


Early detection increases the chances of successful treatments and interventions


The main cause of the emergence and development of oral cancer is HPV transmitted sexually. Approximately 80% of the world population is a carrier of the virus without knowing it, especially because it can go undetected for a long time or it may manifest in forms that can be easily confused with symptoms of other diseases.

Other equally important factors in developing oral cancer are smoking, alcohol consumption (more dangerous if combined) and unhealthy food.

Testing accuracy

Veloscope Vx light is used successfully by over 12.000 dentists in 23 countries worldwide

During the exposure to the bright light for 2 minutes the device detects any abnormalities in the oral cavity in their early stage.

Thus the early stage diagnosis of the disease increases the chances of a complex treatment, less painful or traumatic.


Painless procedures

Work technique and modern equipment allow us to make dental implant treatments in a comfortable ambience for you.

Successful interventions

Dental implants work and feel just like a natural tooth. Therefore both the daily oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist are very important.

Teeth in a day

You can go home with the provisional teeth the same day.


We put at your service our experience, the cutting-edge technology and materials to ensure the highest quality of dental implants.

Depending on the selected implant we offer guarantees between 10 and 30 years.



We solve any dental problems you may have quickly, safely and painlessly, thanks to our young team that is continuously developing.


We establish the diagnosis and choose together the treatment that gives you the best alternative for solving dental problems.


We are always updated with the most innovative dental techniques and procedures so that you get only the best services.

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